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Nitric Oxide

Sounds harsh huh?  Well it isn't because you aren't actually ingesting nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is produced by many cells in your body.  The most important production from a workout perspective, however, is the production by a process called vascular endothelium which is particularly important for blood flow.  Blood flow is obviously extremely important in your muscles performance in physical activity.  Not only does blood flow increase performance, it also allows more nutrients from the supplements you'll be taking before and after your workout to reach your muscles and can improve your recovery time.  In other words, you could be less sore the next day and you'll be maximizing the potential of the other supplements you're taking.  Some supplements seem to dramatically increase blood flow allowing you to get what weight lifters call a "pump."  Besides the benefits of the increased blood flow, it feels awesome to have your muscles fully engorged with blood when you're pushing them to the limits!  Nitric Oxide production is also key when getting an erection for men.  Obviously, this means a lot of nitric oxide supplements are also beneficial for males sexual performance.  In fact, a lot of male enhancement supplements have nitric oxide supporting ingredients in them.

What are we actually taking to achieve this increase in nitric oxide activity?  Not to long ago, an amino acid named arginine was considered the best for nitric oxide production however, studies have shown citrulline to be a better alternative.  Both are amino acids that naturally occur within our bodies.  One study found that ingesting citrulline malate actually increases arginine levels in your blood more then taking arginine.  Besides citrulline, there are many manufacturers that use a multitude of ingredients and different forms of the ingredients claiming to increase workout stamina.  

Pre Workout Regimen for Nitric Oxide Supplements

It is usually recommended that you take nitric oxide supplements about 30 to 60 minutes before your workout.  Doses and recommended times to take the products completely vary depending on the product and the manufacturer.

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